Våra rutiner

Vi använder dessa potenta och kraftfulla naturgåvor varje dag i vårt hem, på massor av olika sätt. Till följd av det har vi fått bättre sömn, klarare hy, magiska verktyg för att hantera livet i stort och smått plus en self-love-boost ritual som vi praktiserar varje dag.

Hanne Linas female embodiment rutin


I'll start off by taking a drop of Peppermint under my tounge to kick start my day. 

You find Geranium, Ylang Ylang and Frankincense in my facial oil. And Frankie you'll also find under my tongue (for cell rejuvenation) and as a mix with all my other oils. Because everything just gets better with Frankie

When I'm diving into pleasure mode, whether it's pleasure filled work or sensual self care I put Ylang Ylang on my pressure points. It amplifies my femininity.   

Lemon in my drinking water for the lovely taste & detoxification of the liver.

Balance whenever I need, yes more balance. It makes me calm just opening the bottle.  

Peppermint in the water for digestive harmony and over my temples and forehead for headache.

Sometimes I just don't use any oils because the day is simply running away from me. But what I NEVER forget about is my night routine. I set my phone on flight mode and then I put Lavender and Vetiver on my temples, forehead, under my nose and under my foots. I send out a prayer of gratitude and then I sleep like a queen (until my son kicks me in my belly that is).  

Elins self-love rutin

Skärmavbild 2019-07-01 kl. 16.41.22.png

Jag tar en droppe Balance under fötterna direkt när jag vaknar och sätter en intention för dagen.

Vi diffusar Pepparmint och Citrus bliss för bästa möjliga starten.

Jag använder Breath/ Air i duschen för att vakna till och dessutom få en mini-spa känsla.

Geranium, Ylang Ylang och Frankincense finns alla i min ansiktsolja. Och Rose touch runt min ögon.

Whisper eller Ylang Ylang på mina pulspunkter. 

OnGuard under fötterna på barnen innan det är dags för förskolan.

Jag applicerar InTune i nacken när jag behöver fokusera på en uppgift samt diffusar Pepparmint & Rosemary.

Grapefruit eller Tangerine i mitt vattenglas.

Elevation eller Cheer när jag behöver en eftermiddags pick-me-up.

Wild Orange eller Pepparmint i rawchokladbollarna är ett måste!

Peace när helst jag behöver, ja mer peace.

Frankincense är numera ett måste i meditation. Den hjälper till att minska på bruset och förstärker kontakten med mig själv.

Wild orange eller Peppermint i mitt te.

Ett underbart avslut på dagen och en perfekt förutsättning för en knock-out sömn är Lavendel spray över kudden och Vetiver på handlederna och under fötterna.

Dr Marie's dagliga rutin

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The moment I wake up, I indulge in the sweetness of Passion applied on my wrists and in the nape off my neck - yum..

Before morning yoga practice, I inhale Breathe to open up my airways and my Heart.

My body kicks off the day with Lemon in hot water and in my super greens breakfast smoothie.

During the day, I add Lemon and Peppermint to my drinking water - incredibly refreshing!

When I dance around in my home to Florence and the Machine, I breathe in Elevation (and add more Passion to my skin!) to lift my mood. Let's always keep dancing!

Frankincense is my trusted and beloved house Guru for intuitive decision-making and MAGIC.

At my desk, I apply Melaleuca/Tea Tree on my wrists for boundary protection and I let Breathe diffuse, to open up and be in clarity during working hours.

After a dance workout, a strenuous yoga class or a long puppy walk, I apply Deep Blue to the sensitive areas of my lower back - my life-saver!

At night it's all about Lavender. Before evening kriya meditation, I inhale, drink (a drop in a glass of water)  - and then to induce and balance my sleep, I also add Lavender to the soles of my feet for a restful night.

Abundance Coachen Linneas dagliga rutin

Skärmavbild 2019-07-01 kl. 16.31.41.png

I start my day by doing an oil pulling with coconut oil and peppermint oil, while doing an abundance meditation, where I visualise my ideal future and tap into the feeling state of having it already. Peppermint is also the oil I diffuse to enter from the dozy dream state into being alert and awake.

The flowery and sensual ylang ylang lifts my mood and makes me embrace my femininity. It reminds me of how grateful I am to live in this era, where I can run my own online business and enjoy a life of freedom. It’s also excellent as a perfume! 

As an entrepreneur, life is an adventure but fears do arise - when I feel triggered, bergamot is my go-to oil. It’s the oil of self love and prosperity. Self love is the foundation in a heart-centered business, and the basis for an abundance mindset no matter what.

When meditating at night, the grounding properties of cedarwood is my best friend. It helps me anchor into the meditative state further. 

Lastly, to find a healthy, peaceful sleep, I drop a drop or two of lavender oil on my pillowcase.